Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Roma -1 Lug 2014
Mrs. Kader meets Sen. Mario Mauro

Today, Mrs. Kader has received Senator Mario Mauro, a former defense minister, at the Representative Office of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy.
Sen. Mario Mauro asked the High Representative to present the current situation in the Kurdistan Region and in the rest of Iraq in the light of recent events and the official position of the Presidency of the region, as well as the Kurdistan Regional Government.
Mrs. Kader has communicated to Sen. Mario Mauro that the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, had already alarmed the central government in Baghdad of the danger posed by the rebels Isis, who were preparing to launch a major offensive in western Iraq.
The government of al-Maliki has failed to adequately represent all the components of Iraq and never took seriously the threat from the rebels Isis.
In this context, the peshmerga forces have been made ​​available to the defense of the Kurdistan Region, even in those areas of contention, a majority Kurdish Kirkuk which is protected so that the Kurdish people and guaranteed freedom and democracy, as well as protected energy resources in the area, despite the lack of financial support from Baghdad.
In this context, the support of the international community is crucial, especially to deal with the humanitarian emergency in progress, the reconstruction of villages damaged in the supply of electrical generators and food.
Sen. Mauro expressed to Mrs. Kader a strong concern for the situation in Iraq, particularly the plight of Christians fled from the rest of Iraq, and he hope that  it will be establish a new national unity government in which all components ethno-religious are represented and respected.
In addition, Senator Mauro, always close to the Kurdish people, has expressed its willingness to take a trip to the region in order to meet the highest authorities of the Kurdistan Regional Government.
In this regard, Senator Mauro, for years promoter of  the "Rimini Meeting", an international forum where great personalities from politics, economy managers, representatives of religions and cultures, artists and intellectuals meet to discuss on international themes of actuality. The 2014 edition will focus on the crisis in Syria and Iraq. For this reason, the intention of the organizers is to invite a senior member of the Kurdistan Regional Government, so that it can represent a direct evidence of what is happening and bring the "Kurdish question" at the center of Italian policy and European public opinion.