Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, March 7th 2019
Mrs. Kader meets with women's rights activist Lamya Haji Bashar

Today, the High Representative in Italy and to the Holy See, Mrs. Rezan Kader received at the headquarters of the Representative Lamya Haji Bashar, a Yazida Kurdish girl, women’s rights activist who survived ISIS and won the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought in 2016.
Yezidi Women rights activist, a Yezidi Survivor of the ISIS slavery, who was her 20 months in the captivity of ISIS.
She survived Da’esh captivity and an explosion of land mine during her escape and conducted in Germany were she received medical treatment.
Lamya participated in many events, conferences and humanitarian campaigns to speak about the plight of Yezidi women and children, who ares till in the captivity of ISIS. She is laureate of Sakharov Prize 2016 and she has Benn awarded several international Awards for her encouragement to defend the rights of victims and for being the voice of voiceless people.
Also resent at the meeting, Mr. Mirza Dinnay, Human Rights Activist, fouler of the German based NGO Air Bridge Iraq he is KRG advisor for the Disputed Areas and expert in Iraqi minority affairs. Laureate of the Golden Stauffer-Medaille 2016, the highest Award for extraordinary engagements, granted by the Prime Minister of State Baden-Wurttemberg.
Mrs. Kader thanked Lamya for her efforts to defend women and to bring a message of hope and peace for all of humanity.