Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

April 08 th 2019
Conference at the Chamber of Deputies: After the War and Daesh. Is another Iraq possible?

The High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Kader, on 08 April starting at 4:00 pm at the Refectory Hall of Palazzo San Macuto, in Rome, took part in the conference organized by the deputy and member of the Commission Foreign Affairs Yana Ehm entitled: After the war and Daesh: Is another Iraq possible?
The aim of the conference was to make a political and social analysis of the current situation in Iraq and in the Kurdistan Region. Analyze the scenario that is emerging in these areas after the ten-year of conflict and after the defeat of Daesh gave the opportunity to all present to know the new geopolitical assets also through an excursus of international cooperation projects both in Iraq and in Kurdistan.
During the speeches, the Italian commitment to reconstruction was also analyzed, the fundamental role that Italian military bodies and NGOs also offer in order to implement and build social cohesion.
At the end of the speeches, Dr. Kader intervened in the debate underlining the enormous difficulties faced by the Kurdish people. Human rights advocates regularly encounter repression and violence by armed groups and need constant support from the international community to complete this independence process. I very much appreciate the primary role, both military and humanitarian, that Italy has conquered in Kurdistan carrying out important projects - declares Dr. Kader - and for this reason that I ask the institutions here present to continue to commit themselves to the cause Kurda is for the Kurdish people because if they left alone they would not be able to complete the path of liberation begun with great sacrifice.
I am very happy - continues Dr. Kader - that in this conference / debate one of the new problems that Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are going through have also been raised. In fact, these issues will also be discussed by the next thematic Water Forum that will be organized in Sulaymaniah in April this year.
Speakers at the conference: Serena Muroni, Italian Consul in Kurdistan, Martina Pignatti Morano, Peacebuilding Desk Officer of the NGO "Un Ponte Per ...", Luca Frusone, Deputy Defense Commission, Movement 5 Stars, and Lieutenant Colonel of the Carabinieri Luigi Spadari for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.
Also present was the ambassador of Iraq in Italy and the Ambassador of Iraq to the Holy See.