Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, November 9, 2016
Mrs. Kader meets the Councilor for General Affairs of the Vatican Secretariat of State, Msgr. Paolo Borgia

Msgr. Paolo Borgia, in the diplomatic service of the Holy See since December 1, 2001, he was appointed by the Holy Father March 18, 2016, councilor for general affairs of the Vatican secretariat of state, in charge of handling matters concerning the daily service of the Holy Father.
Today, Mrs. Kader was received by Mons. Borgia, to whom she delivered a letter from President Barzani addressed to the Pope to inform him on the current situation in the Region. Recently, the peshmerga forces have liberated several Christian villages, particularly Qaraqosh the largest Christian town in the Nineveh Plain in the north of Mosul where the crucifix was replanted with great emotion. President Barzani that delivered his greetings to the Holy Father, will do everything to restore these lands in order to allow Christians to return as soon as possible in their homes. The High Representative has made an overview to Mons. Borgia on the evolution of the struggle against Daesh terrorists and the ongoing humanitarian crisis, a situation that needs further assistance from the international community.
Msgr. Borgia thanked Mrs. Kader for the visit and especially for the sacrifices that the Kurdistan Regional Government is supporting in the fight against Daesh and the special attention reserved by President Barzani to protect the various ethnic - religious communities, of which an important part is represented by the Christian one.