Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, February 10, 2015

The President of the Parliament of Kurdistan Youssef Mohammad Sadiq meets the President of the Group “Force Italy - People of Freedom” of the Senate, Paolo Romani and other members of the group.

Today, the President of the Parliament of Kurdistan Region, Youssef Mohammad Sadiq and the his parliamentary delegation composed of several leaders of the parties, accompanied by Mrs. Rezan Kader, High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy, have been received by the Chairman of the Group “Force Italy - People of Freedom” in the Senate, Sen. Paolo Romani and other colleagues, Sen. Quaestor Lucio Malan, Sen. Mario Mauro and Sen. Riccardo Mazzoni.

President Romani thanked President Sadiq for the welcome received in the recent parliamentary mission in the Kurdistan Region, last October, which allowed him to take note of the concrete situation in the region and the humanitarian emergency in progress and 'parliamentary commitment to take. "Today's meeting is an important opportunity to deepen relations between our countries" - said Romani.

"The fight against the Kurdistan Islamic state is the struggle of Italy and the West for freedom and democracy - added Sen. Mauro - the support of Parliament, of Italian institutions and our public opinion at this stage is already strong and concrete. And we hope to be able to manifest it in ever more real and genuine way, in addition to the aid already sent. "

The President Sadiq thanked all the senators for the welcome they received and the solidarity shown. Friendship with Italy is crucial in the process of building democracy. Its support , together with that of the rest of Europe, is necessary to destroy the Islamic state. An international coalition to an attack by land would be welcome. In reference to the arrest of Italian enlisted with the ISIS, President Sadiq said "Italy should not be ashamed to have militants in the ranks of Isis, the jihadist ideology devours the mind of young people around the world. The struggle of the Kurdish people is testimony to the fact that Muslims want democracy and freedom. "

The friendly countries like Italy will find in the Kurdistan Region huge investment opportunities for their businesses, which will make a decisive contribution to the reconstruction of the country.

The President Sadiq invited Europe and Italy in particular to fill the void left by the American contingent in Iraq in order to restore stability and to hear the voice of the Kurdish people, canceling Sykes Picot agreements.

Sen. Mazzoni thus replied to President Sadiq "The West has been deaf and blind to the threat of Islamic fundamentalism. In recent decades, Kurdish people have shown historical pragmatism renouncing to their aspirations. You are an example of civilization, you are struggling once again to defend the values of freedom. The time has come to recognize the Kurdish people the right to form a national state. The Senate approved a motion of support for the Kurdish people and a Parliamentary association of Friendship Italy - Kurdistan is growing, already with many accessions ".
Sen. Quaestor Malan reiterated the right of the Kurdish people to be recognized as a state entity in its own right.

About the relationship with the central government, the delegation said that Baghdad still does not collaborate with KRG, the new government has not led to changes in mentality, so this situation has become untenable. As far as Turkey is concerned, it is a very important country for Europe and the Middle East, with which the Kurdistan Region want to maintain a peaceful dialogue and enhance economic and political relations. Finally, the role of the Arab countries is inconsistent, they are not supporting the country and do not have condemned the actions of Dash.