Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, February 11, 2015

The President of Parliament Sadiq holds a conference to SIOI "The Relation between Italy and the Kurdistan Region: Challenges and possibilities"

Today, the President of Parliament Sadiq and his delegation were received by the President of SIOI, Franco Frattini.
Following a fruitful bilateral meeting and a friendly exchange of gifts, the President Frattini opened the conference on "The Relationship between Italy and the Kurdistan Region: Challenges and possibilities", which was attended by Italian and foreign diplomats, academics, students and many representatives of the Italian media, who interviewed the President of Parliament.
According to former Foreign Minister, it is necessary to "do more to help the Peshmerga," committed "almost alone" in contrast to the jihadists. "With the distraction of the international community, the Islamic state grew up in Iraq and Syria. According to Frattini, it should be put in place" concrete actions "to support the efforts of Erbil: those decided so far" have not been sufficient. "Even the Baghdad government must do much more than in the past, recognizing the role of the Kurds." He accused the government of 'former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that have created "the ground for the emergence of terrorist organizations like Daesh' '. According to Frattini, " the role of' Iran ' is also necessary, because the threat of the Islamic State is not limited, but extended "to Europe ', to' Africa '. To which it serves to tighten" agreements with the countries of the region against this threat, "he concluded.

The President Sadiq, thanking the President Frattini for the opportunity offered to him and the words of support for the Kurdish cause, urged Italy to support the Kurdish government in the fight against terrorism of the Islamic State. A multinational force, of which Italy should to take part, is welcomed in Iraqi Kurdistan in order to help local forces to fight Daesh. For the future, however, said the president of the Parliament, "the 'Iraq has two options, live together or divided." Staying together means "to govern with the participation of all the components," and "to listen to the views of all." "If you will not be entitled to the rights of all
components of the Iraqi state, you can not go forward together, "he concluded.

We are "proud to have been the first to fight against the 'Is a Kobane - he added - we want to protect all our Kurdish sisters and brothers, but also Christians and Yazidis," the latter "primary victims" of "barbarism of Islamic State "whose behaviors" have nothing to do with Islamic values. "Thanks was then turned to 'Italy, country "friend and ally" in the "struggle that led to the end of dictatorship of Saddam Hussein "before and now in that against 'Isis. The action of the Peshmerga, said Sadiq, is focusing now on the Yazidis territories:" We want to liberate the 'whole area before proceeding to' offensive on Mosul. " The High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Italy, Mrs. Rezan Kader, concluded the conference expressing a "heartfelt thanks" to' Italy and all 'Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli, Chief of Staff of Defense, for new aid promised to Peshmerga engaged in the fight against Islamic state, the Italian soldiers working in the field and all Italian governmental authorities that  went in Kurdistan.