Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Roma 19 Nov 2019
Conference: Against the Kurdish genocide - the resistance of Kurdish women, peace and justice “

“Against the Kurdish Genocide - the Resistance of Kurdish women, Peace and Justice”.
This is the title of the conference organised by the Representation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy together with the Movement for Justice - Article 3.
The event took place in Rome, on November 19th, at the Monumental Complex of San Salvatore in Lauro.
The conference started with an opening by the moderator Mr. Bruno Giordano, Magistrate at the Court of Cassation and President of the Movement.
He warmly welcomed the speakers Mrs. Rezan Kader, High Representative of the Regional Government of Kurdistan to Italy and to the Holy See, Mrs. Morena Plazzi, Deputy Prosecutor at the Court of Bologna and National Secretary of the Movement for Justice - Article 3, and Mrs. Donatella Salari, Magistrate at the Court of Cassation. Moreover, the organisation had the pleasure of hosting the writer Mrs. Dacia Maraini, who held her speech about her critical perspective on the historical events and probable causes of the persecution of Kurdish people, after listening to Mrs. Kader’s speech.
In her speech, in fact, the High Representative reviewed some of the central phases of the violence and brutality experienced by Kurds, starting with the horrible Anfal Campaign which culminated with the Halabja massacre, until describing the persecution carried out by Daesh against the Kurdish Yazidi and Christian communities.
In particular, Mrs. Kader focused on the International Genocide Recognition which is central to ensure justice to Kurdish people who have seen the genocide officially recognised only by few nations.
Mrs. Kader declared that Her commitment to encourage institutions, political representatives and the entire international community to condemn the genocides was and will always be constant. The repetition of such horrors can be avoided only through a severe and firm condemnation by the entire democratic community.