Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Roma -23 Giu 2014
Mrs. Kader participates in the graduation ceremony in honor of the Kurdish Delegation taking part in the Cooperation Project MAE –University of Rome La Sapienza

Today, Mrs. Kader went at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Rome "La Sapienza", which hosted a presentation day of the cooperation project between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and University of Rome La Sapienza.
The ceremony was opened by the greeting message of various authorities, including Mr. Luigi Grandi - Task Force Iraq of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -, who has sent his warmest congratulations to Kurdish officials for their achievements. He added that Italy showed immediately a strong interest in funding such a project of international cooperation aimed at the preservation and enhancement of an important cultural heritage, such as the one detectable in the Kurdistan Region.
Mrs. Kader, High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy, thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their support to this important project, but also the entire staff of University La Sapienza, the project leaders and addressed his warmest wishes to 8 Kurdish officials for the  diplomas achieved but also for a bright and successful career.
Following to the Mrs. Kader speech, the Project Coordinator, Mrs. Angela Bizzarro, underlined that she was very excited about how the project was held, which saw the perfect mix of theoretical lessons and guided tours to archaeological sites and the museum centers on the spot in order to achieve the right skills in the field of art conservation.
One of the Kurdish officials, on behalf of all his colleagues, wanted to compliment with all the organizers, teachers and the Italian institutions that have granted them an important opportunity for training for the career of each one of them, an opportunity that during the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein has never been granted for the mere fact of being Kurds. A particular greeting was addressed to Mrs. Kader for the support and hospitality she reserved to the entire delegation.
The ceremony concluded with the delivery of diplomas, the usual photos and a final thanks by the organizers who have stressed the importance of such cooperation projects, especially in light of recent events in Iraq, in order to represent a source of social cohesion and an opportunity to strengthen the already excellent relations between the Kurdistan Region and Italy.