Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, November 29, 2017
Mrs. Kader meets the Deputy Chief of Mission of the American Embassy in Rome, Mrs. Kelly Degnan

The High Representative officially visited the US Embassy in Rome to meet the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy, ​​Mrs. Kelly Degnan, along with the Minister-Counselor for Political Affairs James Donegan.

Mrs. Kader expressed her sincere thanks along with those of her Government for the important support that the American Government is providing to the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan Regional Government and to be not only a historian ally but also the first on site military contingent within the international coalition in the fight against ISIS.

The parties discussed on the current situation in the region, the evolution of the struggle against Daesh, the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the consequences of the referendum on the region's independence and the difficult relations with the central government in Baghdad, despite the desire for dialogue of KRG and to restore a situation of stability and peace, and relations with neighboring countries, such as Turkey and Iran.
Mrs. Degnan has praised the role of the Kurdish people, the Presidency and the Government in building a thriving country where there is unique ethnic-religious integration in the Middle East, constituting an example of coexistence and a factor of stability and peace in the area. In addition, she expressed considerable appreciation for the valorous peshmerga who continue to fight strenuously against ISIS terrorists. Finally, as far as the referendum is concerned, Mrs. Degnan reiterated the position of the US Government that the moment was not appropriate and that the priority at present is to end the fight against ISIS as the area is in a very delicate balance.

Time, patience, effective international cooperation and peaceful dialogue will help to restore relations with Baghdad and stabilize the situation. However, the desire of the Kurdish people to freedom and self-determination is legitimate and will have to be addressed once the war is over.

In conclusion, Mrs. Kader invited Mrs. Degnan to put pressure on Washington for the US government to promote dialogue with the central government and continue to support the Kurdistan Regional Government, especially in this serious humanitarian and economic crisis which has become totally unsustainable in the absence of budget from the central government.