Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Roma 30 Jan 2020

The Deputy Minister Marina Sereni meets the Minister of Municipality and Tourism of the Kurdistan Regional Government Min. Sasan Osman Awni

The High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mrs. Rezan Kader, accompanied the delegation led by the Minister of Municipality and Tourism of the Kurdistan Regional Government Mr. Sasan Osman Awni to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in order to meet the Deputy Minister Mrs. Marina Sereni, who welcomed the Minister and thanked the Kurdish Government for the work done every day in order to ensure peace and inclusion of minorities in the Region.
"Italy and the Kurdistan Region have had a long excellent relationships based on collaboration and friendship, and Italy will continue to support the Kurdish government in the fight against D'aesh" - said the Deputy Minister at the beginning of the meeting. "Our goal is to continue on this path and to enhance our position also in other sectors such as cultural, social, economic" - the Deputy Minister continues.
In fact, Italy is present in Iraq and in the Kurdistan Region with the task of training Kurdish’s security forces, so that they will be able to face any eventual risk deriving from a terrorist attack.
Minister Awni thanked the Deputy Minister for the meeting and brought sincere greetings from the Prime Minister Masrur Barzani while exposing the current state and new balances affecting the area.
For his part, Minister Awni thanked the Italian government for the support shown and asked for further efforts to help the Kurdistan Region develop economic and tourism links with Italian businesses, considering also the numerous cultural sites and archaeological interests present in the area. With this in mind, both sides have favorably judged the possibility of organizing an Economic Forum as contact point among companies, tour operators and local authorities of the two countries.
The Deputy Minister knows the Kurdistan Region very well and reiterated the commitment that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has always maintained towards the area.
Present at the meeting beyond the Minister of Municipality and Tourism Mr. Sasan Osman Awni and Mrs. Kader; Mr. Kaifi Mustafa Ali - General Director of Antiquity; Mr. Hasan Ahmed Qasim - Duhok Antiquities Director; Mr. Mawlawi Jabar Wahab - Head of Department of the Minister and the Italian Consul Mrs. Serena Muroni.