Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome -1 Apr 2014
Mrs. Kader visited the Vice President of the Senate, Valeria Fedeli

Today, Mrs. Kader was received by the Vice President of the Senate of the Republic, Valeria Fedeli. The High Representative and the Vice President of the Senate have discussed the excellent bilateral relations between Italy and the Region of Kurdistan of Iraq and the current relations between the Region of Kurdistan and the central government in Baghdad.

The Sen. Fedeli thanked Mrs. Kader for the excellent work that the Presidency of the Region of Kurdistan, the Government and the Kurdish people itself are doing in receiving and assisting not only more than 8.000 Christians who are persecuted in the Middle East, especially in Iraq but also but also  thousand of Syrians fleeing the civil war, both that took refuge in the region of Kurdistan.
Mrs. Kader explained to Sen. Fedeli that, despite Italy is among the countries that always fought for Kurdish people both in economic terms that moral side, as the recent support for Syrians refugees from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kurdistan needs more support from international community. The Kurdistan of Iraq is a small region that is facing a big challenge both in keeping the stability in the Middle East area and, at the same time, dealing with a huge humanitarian crisis.
Finally, Mrs. Kader invited Sen. Fedeli to visit the Representation Office of Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy .