Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome- 11 Mar 2014
Visit to the KRG Representation of two International Kurds Artists, Mr. Ata Kazaz and Mr. Amad Baldin

On March 11 last, Mrs. Rezan Kader, the High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Italy has received at the Representative Office the visit of two international Kurds artists, Mr. Ata Kazaz and Mr. Amad Baldin .
Mr. Kazaz, born in Suleimania in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia painting and sculpture course, has exhibited his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, as well as its colleague, Mr. Baldin Ahmad, who lives and works in Netherlands, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and Florence, where he graduated before studying modern art at the University of Bologna.

Set of their works is the drama lived by the Kurdish people.
 The genocide, culminating with the massacre in the town of Halabja happened 26 years ago and which in these days falls on the anniversary, is the dominant theme of their works. The intention of the artists is to not forget one of the darkest pages of human history, involving a growing international audience.
It is in this context that fits the proposal put forward jointly by Mrs. Kader and the two artists, to organize an exhibition of charity in favour of the thousands of Syrian refugees who are in the Kurdistan Region.
Through the presentation of the paintings, the artists will document the culture, traditions and suffering of the Kurdish people, with the aim of raising public awareness. The proceeds of works sold will be donated to the Kurdistan Regional Government engaged in assisting the Syrian refugees.
The exhibition will be held in Rome and will be promoted by the Italian Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq.