Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

11 - Aug 2014
Mrs. Kader visits Christian refugees’ camps

On August 11, Mrs. Kader, after having welcomed and followed the Italian Deputy Minister Pistelli in the institutional meetings, went to visit Christian refugees, accompanied by Dr. Talia Khalid Jamal, General Director for Christian Affairs of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government.
The number of displaced people is growing and the militants of the Islamic State continue to rob their homes, deprive them of their possessions, inflict them systematic violences, forcing them to flee from their houses. They found shelter in the Kurdistan region. The government has opened schools, hospitals, refugee camps built to provide to about one million refugees the best assistance and the Kurdish people are offering themselves hospitality to their brothers and sisters, no matter whether Christian, Muslim, Yazidi, Arabs.
But the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government are not sufficient to cope with a humanitarian emergency of this size. It is necessary international support and staples, air conditioners, medicine. Many women and children, but also students who are likely to lose the school year as unable to go to school.
Following this inspection, Mrs. Kader continues to launch appeals to Italy and the Holy See, as High Representative of KRG in Italy and the Vatican, but also to the entire international community to support the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan Regional Government in dealing with the humanitarian crisis and the threat posed by the advance of the Islamic State.