Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 12 Mar 2014
Visit to the KRG Representation of Hon. Osvaldo Napoli

On March 11th last, Mrs. Rezan Kader , the High Representative of the  Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Italy , received at the Representation office, the official visit of Hon. Osvaldo Napoli .
The Hon . Napoli , former Deputy of Forza Italy and member of the III Commissione, Foreign Affairs and Emigration, of the House of Representatives, is currently Mayor of Valgioie (TO).
Mrs. Kader and the Hon. Napoli, discussed the current situation in the Kurdistan Region that boasts of being considered an oasis of peace , a country with strong economic growth, promoter of cultural exchanges, despite the current crisis in Syria has actively involved the region , where there has been an intense flow of refugees , which saw the arrival of some 200,000 refugees.
The meeting was also an opportunity to strengthen the already excellent bilateral relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Italy .
In this regard, Dr. Kader took the opportunity to invite the Hon. Osvaldo Napoli to a Reception to celebrate the Kurdish New Year " Nawroz " and to commemorate the genocide of the Kurdish people , on the 26th of March next at the Representative Office of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to Italy.