Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

13- Aug 2014
Mrs. Rezan Kader welcomes Cardinal Filoni, special envoy of the Holy Father and His delegation, accompanying him to institutional meetings

On August 13, Mrs. Kader, has welcomed at Erbil International Airport Cardinal Fernando Filoni, special envoy of the Holy Father Pope Francis, with His delegation.
The mission of the Holy See is the result of a series of conversations with Mrs. Kader during which the High Representative stressed the importance of the international community’s support and, in particular, of the Holy See to cope with humanitarian emergency in progress, the reconstruction of villages damaged as well as in the supply of electrical generators. In addition, the visit of a delegation of the Holy See would have been of great comfort to all the refugees and the local Christian community in particular and an important demonstration of solidarity.
The Holy Father has followed with great concern the events that are afflicting the area, welcomed the call by sending a delegation on site.

The Cardinal Filoni, accompanied by Mrs. Kader, by the Chaldean Patriarch, Patriarch Sako, the Apostolic Nuncio and Bishop. Warduni, visited Christians refugee camps, to pray together and spread the message of brotherhood, peace, solidarity of the Holy Father, ensuring that the Holy See will provide all the necessary support to deal with this humanitarian emergency.
The Cardinal Filoni and his delegation were received by both the President Barzani and the Prime Minister Barzani, during which he has delivered greetings and gratitude of the Holy Father for efforts sustained and protection offered by the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Kurdish people to displaced Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities.
The Kurdish authorities and the Christian authorities will work together, through the establishment of an ad hoc committee with headquarters in Erbil, in order to respond promptly to the needs of the displaced people. The Prime Minister also intended $ 25 million for refugees.

The Cardinal Filoni concluded his official visit affirming that Christians will never forget the support provided by the government and people of Kurdistan as well as history will remember these actions. The Vatican will exert all its influence internationally to support the Kurdistan Region and families displaced. The Cardinal Filoni gave interviews to the media, like Rudaw, CNN and KTV.