Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, January 15, 2015
Mrs. Kader meets Mons. Antoine Camilleri, Under-Secretary of the Section for Relations with States of the Vatican Secretariat of State.

Today, Mrs. Kader was received by Mgr. Antoine Camilleri, Under - Secretary of the Section for Relations with States of the Vatican Secretariat of State.
Mgr. Camilleri asked the High Representative to update him on the current situation in the Kurdistan Region.
Mrs. Kader announced Mgr. Camilleri that peshmerga forces have recovered some territories, but a concrete support of the international coalition is required in order to totally eradicate ISIS terrorists. Humanitarian assistance to refugees by the international community in turn is crucial in the face of harsh winter temperatures.
The High Representative reiterated Mons. Camilleri that President Barzani and Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani would be honored to receive the Holy Father, if he considers to undertake an official visit to Kurdistan, as previously stated, to pray together, which would be extremely important and an important demonstration of solidarity, brotherhood and support for all the Kurdish people, victim of persecution of ISIS and an opportunity to discuss the humanitarian emergency in progress and the additional aid needed to tackle it.
Mgr. Camilleri thanked Mrs. Kader for the example of tolerance and religious coexistence and for humanitarian assistance provided to refugees in Kurdistan. In addition, the Monsignor reassured Mrs. Kader will be submitted to the Holy Father the desire of the Kurdish people and the Government to meet him. In any case, the Holy Father is following very closely the events on site, in particular the violence mostly on women and children.