Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 16 Apr 2014
Mrs. Rezan Kader hosts at the Representation of KRG in Italy the meeting of all the political Kurdish parties .

On  April 15, Mrs. Rezan Kader organized at the Representation of KRG in Italy an important meeting with the representatives of the main Kurdish parties in Italy. In particular, there were: Mr. Soran Yassin, responsible for Political Relations of the PUK in Italy, Mr. Gazi Murad, member of PDK and representative of the party in Lazio Region, Mr. Feysel Hamad Maruf, President of the Kurdish cultural association DIACO of Bolzano, Mr. Taha Omar Marif, responsible for the Community of the PUK in Italy, Mr. Haidar Ismail, Head of the Kurdish Communist Party in Italy and Mr. Hoshyar Mohammad, member of the Council of the PDK Representation in Italy.
The High Representative and the abovementioned representatives of the parties discussed the upcoming Iraqi elections to be held on April 30th 2014 and the related organization of voting for Kurdish-Iraqis citizens residing outside the State of Iraq. In the absence of a polling station in Italy,  approximately 400 Iraqi Kurds will gather in Bolzano to go to Munich, in Germany, where the appropriate polling stations will be provided. In this regard an ad hoc committee will be constituted in order to deal with the logistics of such a transfer.
The importance of this meeting is that both the High Representative and all the above mentioned representatives of the parties agreed in exercising the right to vote regardless of their membership of the political party. The right to vote is in fact a fundamental civil right closely linked to the concept of democracy, popular sovereignty and citizenship.