Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Bozen - 22 Mar 2014
KRG Italy organized with Diaco the event "Nawroz 2014"

Today, Mrs. Kader went to Bolzano, where the cultural Association DIACO, with the collaboration of the Representation of the Kurdistan Regional government in Italy, organized the celebration for the Kurdish New Year's Eve "Nawroz".
Celebrated in many countries throughout the Middle East and central Asia, the Newroz holds a particularly important role for the Kurdish people, which is reminiscent of the legendary fight of the kurdish blacksmith Kawa against the tyrannical King Zuhak. According to the myth, the hero defeated the cruel king on the eve of the Newroz and lighted a fire on the hill to announce his victory.


The Kurds, in all parts of the world, celebrated the Newroz for over 2,500 years. Newroz, which literally means 'new day', fall on the spring equinox, which is also a celebration of new beginnings, hope, and unity. This National Day also falls a few days after the anniversary of the attack with chemical weapons of the city of Halabja, the March 16, 1988, during which 5,000 kurds were killed and some 10,000 have suffered very serious injuries to vital organs.

The celebration, held in Bolzano, saw the presence of the High Representative Mrs. Rezan Kader, the representatives of all the Kurdish parties, of the Iraqi Embassy and other Kurdish community. It was inaugurated by the national anthem, followed by a minute of silence to commemorate the martyrs of Halabja and all the martyrs of the campaign of Anfal. As tradition says, a fire was lighted in the center of the square, then guests heard the opening message of the President of the Association DIACO and the greeting message of Mrs. Kader.

The High Representative brought the greetings from the President of the Region of Kurdistan Pres. Barzani and the Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani. “It is the most important celebration of the year in which we must remain united and remember the martyrs of Halabja and Anfal”. Mrs.Kader forwarded the wishes to the town of Halabja, which has now become the fourth province in the region of Kurdistan and invited the Kurdish community to participate in the Iraqi political elections, next April 30th, as patriotic gesture. Finally, Mrs. Kader thanked all the participants and the organizers of the event, and gave gifts to eight Kurdish women who cooked, to a Kurdish artist for having exposed a painting representing the feast of nawroz, as well as to a songwriter who accompanied with music the traditional dances.