Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 24 Apr 2014
Mrs. Rezan Kader is received by the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, Pierferdinando Casini

Today, Mrs. Kader visited the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, Pierferdinando Casini.
The High Representative and the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee discussed the internal situation in the region of Kurdistan, the political elections of last September and the talks about the creation of a new government.
With regard to the relationship with the central government, Mrs. Kader explained to President Casini that there is a state of tension between the two parties for both the interruption by Baghdad to forward to Kurdistan Regional Government 17% of the revenue from oil sales and the upcoming Iraqi political elections.
Mrs. Kader and President Casini have then talked about the bilateral relations between Italy and the Region of Kurdistan and the growing commercial exchanges and Italian investments thanks to the stability and peace that reigns in the Region, unlike other areas of the Middle East and the rest of Iraq. Mrs. Kader invited President Casini, as President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate to raise awareness in the Italian institutions in supporting the Region of Kurdistan in the maintenance of peace and stability in the area and in recognizing the genocide of the Kurdish people, as has happened in several European Parliaments.
Mrs. Kader has emphasized that the Kurdistan of Iraq is a small region that is facing enormous challenges, such as the humanitarian Syrian crisis and the presence of more than 8000 Christian families escaping from persecution in the rest of Iraq.
President Casini showed its maximum availability to support the Region of Kurdistan, promising to Mrs. Kader to take concrete action in the abovementioned issues.