Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy


Syria: High Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Rome “Now we celebrate the capture of Kobane”

"Now it's time to celebrate. Throughout the Kurdistan tonight everyone will dance and sing. We are really happy." So the High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy and the Holy See, Rezan Kader, in an interview with Aki-Adnkronos International says the news of the conquest of Kobane, the Syrian city since a few hours under the total control of the Kurdish militia.
"I received the confirmation (of the conquest of Kobane) from the Ministry of Peshmerga in Erbil (the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan)," says Kader, according to which "all the televisions" of the autonomous region of Iraq are celebrating the victory, transmitting images of peshmerga.
The High Representative pointed out: “The conquest of Kobane was only possible "thanks to the intervention of the peshmerga forces and volunteers. No one else has fought to free Kobane".
The Kurdish fighters - said - have paid with their blood the victory over the jihadists of the Islamic State. "Four/five Iraqi peshmerga died, while many were injured" in the fighting in Kobane, declared Kader. "Now - she concluded - I hope that all the other parts of Kurdistan in the hands of Daesh (acronym of Islamic State in Arabic), are released, as well as the territories between Syria and Iraq controlled by jihadists".