Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 27 Mar2014
The Representation of KRG in Italy celebrates the Kurdish New Year's eve and commemorates the genocide of the Kurdish people

The Representation of Kurdistan regional government of Iraq in Italy organized on march 26th, 2014 a reception to celebrate the Kurdish New Year's Eve "Nawroz" and to commemorate the genocide of the Kurdish people.
The reception was opened by a welcome message from the High Representative Mrs. Rezan Kader who thanked all the distinguished guests for having honored with their presence these two important events. On march 16th falls on the anniversary of the genocide of the Kurdish people, in particular the bombardment of the city of Halabja with the nerve gas that caused the death of 5,000 Kurds and serious consequences for genetic diseases. On March 21 instead, Kurdish people celebrate the new year that coincides with the start of spring, the emblem of rebirth. Mrs. Kader invited all guests to reflect on the image projected on the screen on the genocide and therefore to support the cause of the recognition of the genocide of the Kurdish people so that these heinous crimes will never happen again in the course of history. Meanwhile, the Kurdistan regional government will be a reference point for the international community in maintaining peace and stability in the world, and in the spread of values such as respect for democracy and solidarity and brotherhood among peoples regardless ethnic and religious differences.

The High Representative gave the floor to Senator Quaestor Lucio Malan, who directed its dearest wishes of Nawroz for Kurdish people and thanked the Presidency of the region of Kurdistan and the Government for the assistance provided both to the Christian families who were persecuted in the Middle East and to Syrian refugees. This support from a small region has been so important that deserves the Nobel Prize for peace. In addition, Sen. Malan emphasized the unique capacity of the Presidency and the Kurdistan regional government in creating a statute so evolved that provides more than a special autonomy but also respect for democracy, the rights of women and religious freedom.
Finally, Sen. Malan read the greeting message from the President of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate Pierferdinando Casini, who due to parliamentary responsibilities, has not been able to attend the event. "The Halabja is one of the darkest days of the history of humanity culminated in the campaign of 'anfal' that led to the killing of more than 182thousand Kurds.
It was a massacre that continues to move the world, whose signs and the consequences of which unfortunately continues to persist even today. It is a memory, that awakens us deeply, and it is a moral duty cultivate". The Pres. Casini made reference to solid friendship between Italy and the Region of Kurdistan, reinforced by a fertile collaboration and exchange in the economic, commercial, cultural, scientific, archaeological and academic field.

He finally thanked the Presidency and the Regional Government for the significant support provided to tens of thousands of Christian families fleeing from persecution in the Middle East, especially in the rest of Iraq and the Syrians fled from the current terrible conflict.
Following to Sen. Malan, Don Sergio Mercanzin, a representative of the catholic church, thanked and appreciated the strong spirit of brotherhood and solidarity shown by the Presidency, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Kurdish people towards Christian brothers and recently towards  the Syrian refugees. There is a strong friendship between the Holy See and the Region of Kurdistan due to the sharing of values of humanity and a witness to this fact the President Barzani was received over 5 times from the previous Pope, and now we are organizing the visit to His Holiness Pope Francis.
Mrs. Kader then gave the floor Dr. Stefano Thaulero, spokesman for the President of the Human Rights Commission of the Senate, Luigi Manconi. "The celebrations, such as that of today, must serve as a warning to the conscience and an opportunity to reiterate the commitment so that together we can ensure respect for the rights of the Kurdish people and individuals who are part".
Finally, Mrs. Sara Cavelli, director of the Italian Society for the International Organization, read the greeting message from the President of the SIOI Franco Frattini "After so much pain, a future of joy has already started in the Region of Kurdistan of Iraq and this Representation in Italy of the Kurdistan Regional Government is an important building block in the consolidation and in the further development of that path of tolerance, respect and growth that the people of Iraqi Kurdistan is traveling with commitment and dedication. In this complex challenge, SIOI is at your side".

Mrs. Kader finally thanked all the distinguished guests, the authorities of the Italian Government, Sen. Malan, Hon. Osvaldo Napoli, Cons. Alessandro Monti of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mons. Alberto Ortega Martin, an official of the Secretariat of State for Relations with States, representatives of the Human Rights Commission of the Senate, representatives of the embassies as the American Embassy, representatives of the regions, as the Vice-president of the Regional Council in the Region of Umbria Andrea Lignani Marchesani, l'Arch. Flora Salvi of the Region of Sicily, Mrs. Amalia Daniela Renosto, Representative of the Delegation of Quebec to Rome, the Minister Massimo Rustico of ANCE, the director of the SIOI Sara Cavelli, representatives of the military institutions such as the Col. C. C. Cincotta and the Amm. Berutti Bergotto, the President of the EURISPES Prof. Gian Maria Fara, the delegation of the DIACO Association and other academics and journalists.
Many authorities released interviews to the jurnalists before drinking together with the new year's eve with a rich buffet composed of appetizing Kurdish meals.