Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Venice -26 Set 2014
Mrs. Rezan Kader, High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy, on a mission in the Veneto Region.

Mrs. Rezan Kader, as part of the mission taking place in the Veneto Region, met, today, Dr. Diego Vecchiatto, Director of the Department for International Relations and Cooperation policy of the Veneto region, at the offices of region.
Dr. Kader has presented the official position of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the situation of the Region in the light of recent events in Iraq.
The High Representative has informed Dr. Vecchiatto that the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, had already alarmed the central government in Baghdad of the danger posed by the ISIS rebels , who were preparing to launch a major offensive in western Iraq.
The government of al-Maliki has failed to adequately represent all parts of Iraq and never took seriously the threat from the ISIS rebels. In this context, the peshmerga forces have been made available for the defense of the Kurdistan Region, including those areas subject of contention that the Kurdish people is protected and guaranteed freedom and democracy.
In this frame, said Mrs. Kader, the support of the international community is crucial, especially to deal with the humanitarian emergency in progress.
Dr. Vecchiatto, recalling the excellent relations existing between the Veneto Region and the Region of Kurdistan, has expressed to Mrs. Kader strong concern about the situation in Iraq, particularly the plight of Christians who fled from the rest of Iraq .
On this regard, Dr. Vecchiatto, pointing out that the Italian regions cannot legislate in matters of foreign policy, has proposed to bring in the Regional Council a motion with which he solicits a greater attention to the situation in Iraqi Kurdistan and said he was well willing to accept, if there were reports of cases, children who require medical care in regional hospitals.

Mrs. Kader also met, at the Prefecture, the Prefect of Venice, Mr. Domenico Cuttaia.
The High Representative, presented the official position of the Kurdistan Regional Government and updating the Prefect of what is happening in Iraq, said that this new terrorist group represented by the Islamic Stare can count on about 15,000 "soldiers" from 80 different countries.
Mrs. Kader then recalled that the advance of the ISIS forces has been underestimated by the international community in spite of President Masoud Barzani, even in his recent trip in Italy, have warned many foreign governments of a possible imminent threat.
The Prefect Cuttaia, noting that the large Kurdish community in Venice is well integrated with the territory, reassured Mrs. Kader arguing thatt the community will be preserved and protected.

Third meeting of the day was with the Patriarch of Venice, Mons. Franciesco Moraglia, at the offices of the Patriarchal Curia.
Mrs. Kader reminded the patriarch Moraglia as the Islamic State continues to advance, and to commit systematic violence against religious minorities and in particular Christian and Yazide. The humanitarian crisis is out of control, especially in front of the approaching of the winter season. In addition to increased humanitarian and military support from the coalition and the international community, it is necessary that the Arab and Muslim countries denounce and condemn the ongoing genocide, as well as stop any funding to the Islamic State. Mrs. Kader has indicated to Mons. Moraglia the importance that had the visit, at the refugees in Kurdistan, of Cardinal Filoni and for that reason, the organization of a visit of the Holy Father would be of great comfort for the Christian communities and  for the rest of the population.

In addition, the High Representative has invited Mons. Moraglia to cooperate with the organization on any activity that may be  support for the refugees, in order to improve the strong presence of the government but also of the Holy See.
In this regard, Mons. Moraglia, as President of the Triveneta Episcopal Conference, has pledged to bring to the attention of the dioceses the issue of the plight of Christian refugees in the Kurdistan Region.

Last meeting of the mission in the Veneto Region of Mrs. Rezan Kader, has been with the Commissioner of the city of Venice, Mr. Angelo Sanna.
The Quaestor, updated by Mrs. Kader about what is happening in Iraq, said he was deeply concerned about the situation, with particular reference to refugees in the Kurdistan Region.
In addition, he pointed out that we  are facing a well-organized terrorist state, which represents a threat to the entire international community, not only for the Middle East area.
In this regard, he expressed a willingness to meet with a delegation of the Venice Kurdish community  an established direct contact in order to collaborate so that the community itself feels protected, secured and defended by the city government.

At the end of the visit in Venice, the High Representative met with the Kurdish community, considered one of the largest communities in Italy.
Mrs. Kader really wanted to meet the Kurds who has been living in northern Italy in order to update them on the situation in Iraq, particularly in the Kurdistan Region.
Specifically, the High Representative said that the Kurdistan Regional Government is active in containing the advance of the Islamic State, and as far as trying to address the plight of refugees in the Region. The government has opened schools, hospitals, built refugee camps to provide the best care to about one million refugees, and the Kurdish people themselves are offering hospitality to his brothers, who are Christians, Muslims, Yazidis and Arabs.
Mrs. Kader, following formal meetings had on the same day, led to the community the solidarity of the city government.
The High Representative has also listened to the spokesman of the community in respect of any existing problems and ways of resolving them, ensuring that the Representation is available to support and sustain the Kurdish community in this difficult historical moment.