Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome -30 Apr 2014
The Kurdish community in Italy vote for the Iraqi political elections

On April 26, 2014, the Kurdistan regional government, through its Representation in Italy, has collected all the Kurdish community resident in Italy, all the representatives of the parties and all the Kurdish cultural associations in the city of Bolzano to go together in the city of Munich (Germany), where the polling for the Iraqi political elections were arranged. The transfer in Bolzano involved approximately 5 bus, and it saw a united people, contemptuous of the membership of a political color, in the exercise of a civic duty, the expression of the vote, the highest symbol of democracy.
After the vote, the entire Kurdish community celebrated this important moment, which lead to the creation of the new government of Iraq. As a result of the celebrations, all the participants gathered to return to Italy on April 28th

All the representatives of Kurdish parties, which assisted Mrs. Kader in these days, together with the cultural Association and all the kurdish citizens residing in Italy thanked the High Representative for the excellent organization of the trip and for having allowed them the exercise of the right to vote.