Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Roma - 30 Lug 2014
Mrs. Kader participates in the Holy Mass for Christians of Mosul victims of the forces Isis at the Church of St. Gregory Nazianzeno in Rome

Today, Mrs. Kader took part in the Holy Mass for Christians in Mosul victims of the forces Isis at the Church of St. Gregory Nazianzeno in Rome, property of the Chamber of Deputies.
The Mass was organized by Sen. Pier Ferdinando Casini, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, and the President of the party Union of the Center (UDC) and the Hon. Paola Binetti, following the visit of President Barzani in Italy and numerous meetings with Mrs. Kader, during which it was revealed the need to convey a message of solidarity with fellow Christians, persecuted for a long time in Iraq and throughout the Middle East and in the light of the recent tragic events  subjected to unspeakable operations of ethnic cleansing by the hands of the followers of the newly proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis).
The Mass was preceded by a torchlight procession in the cloister of the religious complex that has seen an important moment of silence, after which the President Casini thanked Mrs. Kader and the State of Kurdistan for the important role it is playing not only in dealing with the humanitarian emergency, but in reserving a special treatment to fellow Christians.
In addition, Mons. Filippo Iannone, appointed by the Holy Father auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Rome, celebrated the Mass recalling the message of the Holy Father inviting all of us to pray especially for the people of the Middle East and Iraq in particular, and invited us to live together in peace and to combat all forms of violence.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini sent a message in which he recalled his application to mobilize the EU to protect the Christians of Mosul, advanced to the meeting of foreign ministers last week. During the Holy Mass many MPs wanted to express a message of condolence for our Christian brothers and closeness to their families.
Mrs. Kader has brought the message of the President Barzani that the Christian community that resides in particular in Mosul from the second century plays a vital role in the social and cultural growth of the country and should not be uprooted from the places where they live, because it would mean a loss of a cultural heritage of inestimable value. In this context, it is necessary that the international community, in this case the Italian institutions support the Kurdistan Regional Government to deal with the humanitarian emergency in progress, and think about the organization of an official mission on site that would be of great comfort to the Christian community and an important expression of solidarity. Mrs. Kader finally thanked all the participants, in particular President Casini for the solidarity shown.
Some of the participants which attended the Holy Mass were the Ministers of Infrastructure and the Environment, Maurizio Lupi and Gian Luca Galletti., Hon. Paola Binetti, belonging to the Party for Italy, the Hon. Maurizio Gasparri, belonging to the Party of freedom, Hon. Cesa Maurizio, Secretary of the party of the Centre, Senator Carlo Giovanardi, already minister for relations with the Parliament during Berlusconi Government and belonging to the Party of Freedom and many other authorities of different origin policy.