Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, October 11th 2019
Bilaterl Meeting at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mrs. Rezan Kader, accompanied the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government Mr. Pshtiwan Sadiq Abdullah Khoshnaw, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the Vice-Minister Emanuela Del Re was waiting for them.
The meeting is the last of a series in which the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, together with Mrs. Kader, took part since last Tuesday.
During the meeting, the Deputy Minister congratulated to the Kurdish institutional framework and for the work daily done in order to ensure protection and inclusion to minorities in the area. Considering also the work that has been done with the refugees - Del Re continues - all of this constitutes an example also for other States and, furthermore, the vice-minister highlighted the importance that the institutions attribute to the diverse values ​​and cultures present in that area. In fact, the Deputy Minister knows the Kurdistan Region situation very well as she participated in numerous humanitarian missions. For this reason, she strongly reaffirmed the commitment that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still has towards those areas, as the one above all, the protection of minorities, in particular the religious ones.
Minister Khoshnaw has learned that since 2020 Iraq and the Kurdistan Region will be considered priority countries for the Italian program of international cooperation in order to support the most vulnerable groups. The constant theme during the meeting was to engage each other in protecting the cultural heritage of different ethnic groups settled in the Region, counteracting the activity carried out by Daesh which tried to destroy the Yazida and Christian minorities identities.
At the end of the meeting, the Minister, together with the delegation composed of the Director General of Christian Affairs Dr. Khalid Jamal Alber Talya and the Director of Religious Coexistence Dr. Amir Othman Mawlud Dzdaee, left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to head to the airport and return to Kurdistan .