Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome -20 Oct 2011
Official visit of Sen. Anna Finocchiaro

Yesterday morning, October 19th 2011, Sen. Anna Finocchiaro, leader in the Senate for the Democratic Party since 2008, came to visit for the first time the Representation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy with a delegation composed of Dr. Paolo Quinto, head of the particular secretariat of Sen. Anna Finocchiaro, Cons. Giulio Pelonzi, counsellor of the municipality of Rome; and Prof.Alessandro Benzia, Professor of University of Rome "Tor Vergata".

Mrs. Rezan Kader  presented to her the staff of the Representation and showed her the office, receiving the compliments of Sen. Finocchiaro. The High Representative and the Senator had an interesting conversation about several issues: the Italian political situation, the situation in the Kurdistan Region and the plight of the Christians in the Middle East.

As far as the Italian political situation is concerned, Sen. Anna Finocchiaro expressed his concern about the stalemate in the government that slows down the legislative function. In addition, the Senator stressed the importance of young people and their involvement in the public life. Therefore she referred to the violent clashes that occurred during the event held in Rome last October 15th, on which the government must intervene so that they will not occur again.

Mrs. Kader and Senator Finocchiaro shared the idea of having to safeguard democracy, as it represents a value always in danger. As known, the Kurdish population had a past full of suffering, and had to fight hard to defend democracy and protect fundamental human rights.

As far as the delicate situation of Christians in the Middle East, Mrs. Kader would like more support from the Vatican and the European Governments. However, our Christians brothers, in spite of other areas in the Middle East, found help and refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, reflecting both the excellent connivance between the different religious components and intercultural respect.

Finally, the High Representative invited Sen. Finocchiaro to go out for lunch and before going out, Mrs. Kader showed Sen. Finocchiaro, which has been officially invited in Kurdistan, the book about the city of Halabja, with the hope to visit it in person one day.