Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, October 10th, 2019
Dr. Rezan Kader meet with the Vatican State Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher

On the morning of 10th October 2019, the Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, received the High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mrs. Rezan Kader, along with the Delegation led by the Minister for Religious Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government Mr. Pishtiwan Sadiq Habdullah Khoshnaw.
The Minister and the delegation, composed of the Director General of Christian Affairs Dr. Khalid Jamal Alber Talya and the Director of Religious Co-existence Dr. Amir Othman Mawlud Dzdaee, received a warm welcome from Archbishop Gallagher who, as is known, is very near the Christian minority located within the Kurdistan Region.
Following the gratitude expressed by Secretary Archbishop Gallagher for the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government, which has long been provided to the Christian faithful present in the area, Minister Mr. Pishtiwan Sadiq Habdullah Khoshnaw showed a strong interest in strengthening the existing relations between the Catholic Church and the Kurdistan Regional Government.
The parties, during the interview, addressed the discourse on encouraging mutual collaboration in favor of works that support Christian minorities and their integration within the Kurdish community.
At the end of the meeting, the Minister for Religious Affairs, High Representative Dr. Kader and Archbishop Gallagher all emphasized the importance of continuing and increasing the path taken by the Kurdistan Regional Government that promotes peaceful coexistence, intercultural understanding and tolerance for the most vulnerable groups of people.