Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, October 9 th
Dr. Kader Minister of Religious Affairs Pshtiwan Sadiq Abdullah Khoshnaw meets with Vatican Secretary of State S.E. Pietro Parolin.

On October 09 th, Dr. Rezan Kader together with the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government Mr. Pshtiwan Sadiq Abdullah Khoshnaw, to mee with Vatican Secretary of State S.E. Cardinal Pietro Parolin.
The Minister, accompanied by the delegation composed of the General Director of Christian Affairs Dr. Khalid Jamal Alber Talya and the Director of Religious Coexistence Dr. Amir Othman Mawlud Dzdaee, arrived in Italy on October 8th for an official visit to the Vatican and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
As a first official meeting the delegation and Dr. Rezan Kader meet at the Vatican, Secretary of State S.E. Cardinal Pietro Parolin.
Through the bilateral meeting the parts strengthened and consolidated the collaboration between themselves, in order to promote peaceful coexistence among people devote to different religions. Cardinal Parolin reaffirmed the constant commitment that the Church has towards Christian minorities by promoting the possibility of a deep dialogue with all the subjects and institutions that work to improve peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance.
In a general and broad perspective, these bilateral meetings have always proved to be indispensable and crucial in order to maintain constant the attention to the protection of human rights by promoting common good and social development - said Dr. Kader at the end of the meeting.
The Secretary of State did not hesitate to express his support for the Kurdistan Region for the political and social commitment aimed at building a peaceful society, also in the light of new scenarios that are emerging in the international context. In fact, it will be increasingly necessary to centralize religious policies in the name of dialogue and tolerance.