Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, July 1, 2015
Mrs. Kader meets Cons. Monti at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Today, Mrs. Kader was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Cons. Alessandro Monti, Head Office IX of the Directorate General for Political Affairs and Security to discuss the current situation in the Kurdistan Region.
The talks focused on the fight against the ISIS, the refugees conditions, the economic situation in the region, the delicate relationship with Baghdad on the issue of the budget, the results of the recent Congress of all KRG representatives abroad.
Mrs. Kader has underlined the importance of enhanced international cooperation in the fight against the ISIS in order to block his dangerous enlargement and to allow the Kurdistan region to resume the process of economic reconstruction and foreign investors to recover ongoing projects. At the same time, it is necessary that the central government respects the agreements, otherwise it will be unavoidable an economic separation. As for the Congress, the Kurdistan Regional Government is planning the opening of other diplomatic missions abroad in order to improve relations with the rest of the international community.
The Cons. Monti agreed with Mrs. Kader on the need for greater cooperation to defeat extremism and to restart a constructive dialogue with Baghdad and other neighbors. The enlargement of the ISIS phenomenon needs to be addressed not only by eliminating the cells, but above all by acting on a cultural level.