Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome, March 02, 2016
Mrs. Rezan Kader is received by the President of the Senate, Piero Grasso

Today, Mrs. Kader was received by the President of the Senate Piero Grasso at the Senate of the Republic. This meeting, which was attended by the Vice President of the Senate Valeria Fedeli, Quaestor Senator Lucio Malan, Sen. Riccardo Mazzoni and Sen. Paolo Corsini, was intended to present to President Grasso the Intergroup of solidarity with the Kurdish people, an inter - parliamentary group that aims at supporting the relations between Italy and the Region of Kurdistan in the cultural, social, economic, trade and research field. Moreover, the meeting was an opportunity to present to President Grasso a parliamentary motion with the aim at increasing support to the Kurdistan Region, which is experiencing a situation of great difficulty because of the fight against Daesh, the humanitarian crisis and the emergency for the reconstruction of areas and cities destroyed by the terrorists and liberated from the peshmerga forces. In particular, the areas most affected are the city of Shingal and the Plain of Nineveh area, mainly inhabited by Christians.
In view of the difficulties that the Kurdistan Region is facing and the lack of support from the central government, which is so determined not to send the budget for the regional government, the High Representative underlined that the situation has become unsustainable and needs a strong support from the international community.
President Grasso reiterated the strong commitment of the Italian government against the Kurdistan Region, the fight against Daesh, the humanitarian crisis and the normalization of relations with the central government in Baghdad. During his recent visit to the Kurdistan Region, he has been glad to see a strong ethnic and religious integration and a solid relationship of friendship and solidarity existing between the Kurdish people and the Italian people. For this reason, such a motion must be submitted for signature by all the leaders of the parties in court.
Mrs. Kader thanked President Grasso for the hospitality received and the commitment of the Italian government in the Kurdistan Region, re-extending the invitation to visit the region, in respect of its institutional agenda.