Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome -6 Feb 2013
Mrs Rezan Kader participates in the 58th General Assembly of the Atlantic Treaty Association – ATA –

Yesterday, the High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq Mrs. Rezan Kader attended the 58th General Assembly of the ATA – Atlantic Treaty Association held at the NATO Defense College within the military city of Cecchignola, in Rome.

The ATA is a body officially recognized by Nato and composed of the Atlantic Associations of each Member Country of the Alliance. Today, at the opening ceremony of the General Assembly have joined the Italian Foreign Minister, Amb. Giulio Terzi di Sant'Agata, the Italian Defense Minister, Adm. Giampaolo Di Paola, the Albanian Defense Minister, Min. Arben Imami, the Chairman of the Italian Atlantic Committee Hon. Prof. Enrico La Loggia, the President of the Atlantic Treaty Association, Hon. Karl A. Lamers, the Secretary-General of the Italian Atlantic Committee Dr. Fabrizio W. Luciolli, the Italian Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council, Amb. Gabriele Checchia and many others coming from the political, diplomatic, military, academic environment, and research centres.

The 58th General Assembly "NATO and the Future of Cooperative Security" aims to offer a political and scientific contribution to promote an effective approach to security in the Euro-Atlantic region, facilitate the meeting between decision-makers and representatives of the centers of study and research of Nato and partner countries (with particular reference to the Mediterranean region and the Middle East) and to promote the solidarity of the people of the Atlantic area, Central Europe and South-East and the area of the Caucasus and the Black Sea.

Yesterday, a single and shared voice emerged — to build an open Alliance to changes, ready to face the challenges of the future through the full support of EU Member States and capable of maintaining a sustainable defense against the cuts imposed by the climate of austerity that has invested most international countries. Solidarity, cohesion and cooperation are the tracks to go in order to enter '' a new era '', supported by EU Countries with the aim of involving emerging forces such as Brazil, China and Africa.

Mrs. Kader spoke with the above mentioned authorities on the themes of security, defense and international stability based on universal values of peaceful dialogue and cooperation, defended and sanctioned by NATO and the United Nations Charter. In addition, Mrs. Kader stressed the importance of the recognition of the Kurdish genocide, ahead of the 25th anniversary of his commemoration whose ceremony will take place next March in Iraqi Kurdistan. The same authorities have addressed Mrs. Kader their full support so that this crime is no longer carried out.

The day ended with a gala dinner at Villa Madama, where Mrs. Kader has been the keynotespeaker. Mrs. Kader thanked the Representatives of Italian Atlantic Committee for having offered her to speak to such a distinguished audience in behalf of the Kurdish people, of the Presidency and the Government of the Kurdistan Region about fundamental values such as dialogue, religious coexistence, tolerance, civil society, as a tool of peaceful resolution of all disputes.

Finally, the High Representative has been complimented with the organization of the youth programs undertaken, hoping they can accomplish together also in Kurdistan. The Pres. Hon. La Loggia, the Pres. Lamers and Dr. Luciolli have really appreciated the speech of Mrs. Kader sharing the values that she set out, and repeating her that the Kurdish people will find in NATO new brothers.