Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome- 9 Dic 2013
Official Visit of the Min. Falah Mustafa to the Deputy Minister Pistelli of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Lapo Pistelli has received on December 09 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Min. Mustafa Falah Bakir, Head of the department of foreign affairs of the Kurdistan regional government of Iraq and its delegation, accompanied by Mrs. Rezan Kader, High Representative of the Kurdistan regional government in Italy.
In the course of the talks, the theme of humanitarian support to Syrian refugees sheltering in the autonomous region of Kurdistan has been addressed. The Min. Falah Mustafa has led the thanks of his government for having the Ministry allocated, through the development cooperation, 300,000 euro emergency humanitarian aid, which is added to the contribution made by collecting the appeal of UNICEF to provide drinking water to 27,000 refugees in three refugee camps at the Governorate of Erbil. New humanitarian initiatives to provide relief to refugees Syrians were evaluated in the context of additional resources that the Italian government intends to allocate on the basis of the commitment made by the President of the Council Letta at the G20 summit in St. Petersburg.
The Deputy Minister Pistelli stressed that Italy intends to develop as much as possible the cooperation with the Authorities of Erbil, in full respect of what is allowed by the domestic legal system of the Republic of Iraq. It is a common interest promote the encounter between the investment capacity of Kurdistan and the know-how of first level of Italian firms', stated the Deputy Minister Pistelli at the conclusion of the meeting.
The Min. Falah has stressed the importance of relations with Italy and the strong interest in an intensification of the cooperation in all sectors, starting from the economic and commercial level.