Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 9 Dic 2013
Official Visit of the Min. Falah Mustafa to Min. Pl. Mauro Conciatori of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Min.Pl . Mauro Conciatori, Managing Director for the Countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East together with Cons. Alessandro Monti, Chief Dept. IX of the Directorate General for Political Affairs and Cons Carlo Batori, Chief Dept. VIII of the Directorate General for Political Affairs, has received on December 09 at the Farnesina the Min. Mustafa Falah Bakir, Head of the department of foreign affairs of the Kurdistan regional government of Iraq and its delegation, accompanied by Mrs. Rezan Kader, High Representative of the Kurdistan regional government in Italy.
During the talks the Minister Falah Mustafa has presented the Region of Kurdistan as an oasis of peace and stability within the Middle East. The country is trying to achieve the highest possible international relations and, as a witness of this, several diplomatic representation are opening up their offices in Iraqi Kurdistan. In addition, the Iraqi Kurdistan offers infinite opportunities for investment in various sectors, from oil & gas to the field of agriculture. Erbil will be the capital of culture in the Arab World in 2014. There is a strong attention to the field of culture, and in the development of the program on cultural exchanges and the medical-health sector. As far as domestic policy is concerned, the elections in 2014 will be a unique opportunity to attempt to be reconciled with the central government with respect to the sharing of the power and the equitable distribution of resources.
The parties dealt with the issue of humanitarian support to Syrian refugees sheltering in the autonomous region of Kurdistan. The Geneva Conference will be a unique opportunity in order to find a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis. In this respect, we must try to consider the prospects of each country involved in the crisis in order to arrive at a Gentlemen's Agreement.
With regard to the relationship with Turkey, the Minister Falah stressed the passage by a contrast relation to one of complete cooperation in all fields, which has been strengthened as a result of the peace process led by Prime Minister Erdogan.
Minister Conciatori informed Minister Falah in the interest of the Italian Government to strengthen the respective representation in Erbil, and to ensure your support. The Minister Falah has finally added that the representation of the Kurdistan regional government of Iraq in Italy remains the reference point of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to promote the political diplomatic, commercial and consular relations with Italy. The Minister Falah has finally forwarded an invitation to Minister Emma Bonino to go to Kurdistan, as well as the Minister Conciatori has invited the President Barzani to go on an official visit to Italy.