Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 10 Dic 2013
Conference "The geopolitical role of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Syrian refugees in the region”

On 10 December, the Min. Falah Mustafa was the keynote speaker at the conference "The geopolitical role of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Syrian refugees in the region" organized by the SIOI, the Italian Society for the international organization and the Representation of the Kurdistan regional government in Italy.
The Conference was introduced by President Franco Frattini and some considerations of Prof. Alessandro Politi, political analyst and professor of the SIOI, on the peculiarities of the middle east, with particular attention to Kurdistan and its geopolitical role in the near future.
In his speech Frattini has recalled the "genocide of the Kurds, one of the pages most ugly of history" and has stressed that "the Kurds continue to be victims of the terrorist attacks". The former Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has highlighted the significant weight of Kurdistan in the region especially as regards the aid to refugees Syrians, and the "key role" played from Erbil in the game energy in the area. In this regard, Min. Falah Mustafa reminded the agreement with Turkey on the pipeline that should begin in December in transporting oil from Iraqi Kurdistan to a Turkish port.
Agreement that has sparked new tensions between the government in Baghdad and the autonomous government of Erbil, for a long time in route on how to share their vast energy resources of the Kurdish region. "We are transparent and everything we do falls in the Constitution of Iraq and to the benefit of the Iraqi people" explained Min. Falah Mustafa. "We have nothing to hide, the oil belongs to all of us, and the agreement with Ankara is clear" he added. Moreover, thanks to the new leadership of Erdogan the relationship between the two countries has transformed itself from a comparison to a cooperation, such as to make Turkey the first commercial partner of the Kurdistan regional government and with great successes also on the level of the peace process with the Kurdish component.
As far as Syria is concerned, the head of Foreign Affairs has explained that they want a "democratic" country and that its future "must be decided by the Syrians".  For this reason, he added, "anyone who is interested or has some influence in the region must participate in Geneva II, also the Kurdistan". But, he challenged, "the main question at this point is: what is the alternative to Assad? ".
"We have oil and gas, we are a rich region - has added today Min. Falah Mustafa - we want to be part of the stability and economic growth, we want equality and justice". In this context, Minister Falah has not failed to point out the attempt of the regional government to arrive at the resolution of all issues which have been pending with Baghdad. The elections in 2014 will be without doubt a chance to build a promising future.
At the end of the conference the President Franco Frattini and the Minister Falah Mustafa have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the launch of a cooperation between the SIOI and the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Kurdistan regional government in order to develop international training work and cultural exchange between the two countries. Mrs. Rezan Kader the High Representative of the Kurdistan regional government has, in conclusion of the work, thanked President Frattini for the continued support and collaboration in the Kurdish cause, the SIOI for having hosted this important conference in the presence of several authorities, academics, diplomats, representatives of the chamber and the Senate, Journalists and students attending the courses in international relations and human rights.