Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome- 10 Dic 2013
Official Visit of the Min. Falah Mustafa to Sen. Valeria Fedeli, Deputy President of the Senate of the Republic

The Deputy President of the Senate, Sen. Valeria Fedelil has received the visit of the Min. Falah Mustafa, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Kurdistan regional government and its delegation accompanied by Mrs. Rezan Kader, High Representative of the Kurdistan regional government in Italy. Sen. Fedeli has addressed to the Minister the dear greetings of the President of the Senate Grosso that has shown a strong interest in the region of Kurdistan, a region that sees the connivance of different cultures and religions and who is experiencing exponential growth thanks to the special autonomy which enjoys with respect to the central government.
The Deputy-president Fedeli has noted the importance of growing and strengthening the relationship between the two countries at all levels, both in the field of politics - economic, increasing investment, whether in the social field, humanitarian assistance, in the light of the recent phenomenon of displaced Syrians.
The Senate of the Republic is an institution that can play a fundamental role in the field of education, cultural exchanges, and protection of minorities and human rights. In this regard, there is a human rights commission that would be perfect for developing joint projects in this area. The Deputy President Fedeli welcomed the female component in the Kurdish governmental delegation, symbol of justice and respect for the rights of women.
The Min. Falah has appreciating much the words of the Deputy President of the Senate, explaining that the Kurdistan regional government draws, firstly, to get out of the exclusion of which he was the victim in the past and develop the most possible international relations, and promote the values of justice, equality and tolerance. We must move from a mentality of opposition to an approach of collaboration with the central government and its neighbors in order to guarantee the stability and the dialogue.
Kurdistan is a country rich in opportunities for investment and has adopted a policy of openness that need the foreign know-how and the support of the international community for recognition of the Kurdish genocide so that such heinous crimes do not recur again. The DeputyPresident Fedeli has shown throughout his willingness to speak with President Grossoin order to initiate a concrete institutional collaboration to develop relations between Italy and Kurdistan.