Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 11 Dic 2013
Min. Falah Mustafa participates in the Conference at the University of Perugia

On December 11, Minister Falah Mustafa with a senior DFR delegation went to the University of Perugia to participate in the conference "The experience in Kurdistan relating to human rights of Syrian refugees and Christians", as keynote speaker.
Minister Falah was welcomed by Prof. Giorgio Bonamente, Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at the University of Perugia, which has expressed to the Minister the intention to tighten relationships with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, giving following an agreement with the University of Salahaddin. The Conference was opened by already Vice Rector of the University of Perugia, Prof. Antonio Pieretti and saw the intervention of academics and representatives of the Region of Umbria as well as the participation of numerous students.
Iraqi Kurdistan is an important geopolitical entity and must be taken as an example of success in respect for human rights in order to achieve a democratic progress, not only in economic terms. Minister Falah Mustafa stated that human rights are the window through which to communicate with the international community. The achievement of democracy is not an easy route that is immediate. The country has released not by a lot of time on a dictatorial regime that has brought serious consequences to the country.
At the moment, the Government pledged to tackle not only the situation of the Christian brothers who were persecuted in the rest of Iraq and in other areas of the Middle East but also of the phenomenon of displaced Syrians in the region, which is offering shelter and assistance. Restoring peace in Syria should be the commitment of the entire international community and the Geneva Conference will be an excellent opportunity to deal with this issue. It is a joint responsibility, a duty from which no one can escape.
The Kurdish people has been for years a victim of marginalization, persecutions and brutal crimes and for this reason, the Government is working on for the purposes of tighten as much as possible international relations in respect of ethnic and religious diversity. A testimony to this, the relationship with Turkey that today is based on excellent exchange from a political economic and commercial point of view.
Following to the intervention of the Minister, the Vice President of the Regional Council Dr. Lignani Marchegiani  stressed the importance of the exploitation of different experiences and of the awareness that there is a Kurdish nation that is giving a great lesson in democracy and respect for human rights and that deserves international support at all levels.
The Conference ended with the thanks of Mrs. Kader, High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy, which has qualified Kurdistan as a mosaic of ethnic groups and different religions who live together in peace and mutual respect. The region of Kurdistan is open to anyone who wants to visit it and wants to provide a practical contribution to the maintenance of peace and stability.