Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 16 Oct 2013
The High Representative receives the Deputy Mayor of Città di Castello, Ass. Michele Bettarelli.

Today, the High Representative Mrs. Rezan Kader has received the official visit by Ass. Michele Bettarelli, Deputy Mayor of the City of Castle (PG) and Assessor for Culture and Urban Planning.
As a result of the participation of Mrs. Kader at the Festival of Nations on last August, the Deputy Mayor stated that he would soon visit the KRG Representation Office because of his interest, in his capacity as Assessor for Culture, to deepen his knowledge on the Kurdistan Region and the Kurdish people.
Ass. Bettarelli took the opportunity to discuss many possibilities of cooperation between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Città di Castello, in order to strengthen the already existing relations.
The Deputy Mayor accepted with pleasure this possibility because both the local institutions of the Umbria Region and Città di Castello, both also the population, will well meet with the organization of a similar event; the local political situation is stable, majority and opposition group daily collaborate without any injury. Thanks to this favorable climate, it is possible to organize different great thickness events.
Other possibilities of collaboration, as indicated by Mrs. Rezan Kader could be the creation of a town twinning, the sign of a Friendship Agreement between Città di Castello and Kurdish towns with similar characteristics at a geographical and cultural level, as has already been made by the City of Ivrea (TO). This kind of projects are considered as basis to promote and increase the future development of new relations between the two countries.
During the meeting, the High Representative has provided Ass. Betterelli with a wide-ranging analysis on different levels of the current situation of Kurdistan, provoking his greater interest and excitement about the fruitful meeting, with the hope to organize as soon as possible activity  ruled by the Kurdish people.