Kurdistan Regional GovernmentRepresentation in Italy

Rome - 26 Jan 2014
The Representation of Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy participated in the recurrence of the foundation of the Republic of Kurdistan in Bolzano

On January 26th, 2014, Mrs. Kader, the High Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy in collaboration with the Association DIACO has organized a reception in honor of the Republic of Kurdistan, in the city of Bolzano, where there is a large Kurdish community. The Republic of Kurdistan with capital to Mahabad was founded by the Kurdish democratic party in the region of Iranian Kurdistan on January 22nd, 1946.
Mrs. Kader, in his speech, emphasized the importance of this event. The Kurdistan regional government is particularly attentive to preserve the memory of the Republic of Kurdistan, celebrating it every year. This Republic has represented a first autonomous attempt of Kurdish people and had to be the nucleus of an independent Kurdistan. 
During the eleven months of the existence of the Republic, the Kurds have been able for the first time to expose their symbols, it was the first Kurdish theater, women started to play an active role in political and social life, and a great impetus was given to the school and educational program.
Finally, Mrs. Kader recalled that Mustafa Barzani, historical exponent of Kurdish nationalism, and father of the current President of the Region of Kurdistan of Iraq Massoud Barzani, which was born in Mahabad, was an active participant in the creation of the Republic of Kurdistan along with Qazi Mohammad.
The High Representative has concluded by thanking the distinguished guests in participation in the event and she hoped all the Kurdish people to be able to obtain their rights in a peaceful manner, and she invited them to always search a harmonious coexistence with all the ethnic groups and religions, as happens in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan.